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1999.5 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro
1999.5 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro
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finally got a new spark plug connector to fix the misfire after checking two audi dealers and a vw dealer. i ordered the part online from which at first appeared to be the wrong part, but must be a new design from bosch. the misfire is completely gone now, as is the slight hesitiation when requesting a lot of boost in high gears at low rpm's, which was present ever since i purchased the car.

February 2003 →

attended the 2003 apr bbq. developed a misfire on the way down, but otherwise returned home unscathed. lots of pictures available here.

got bored on a sunday afternoon and decided to do the "fog light mod" which allows operation of the front and rear fog lights without having to have the driving lights on.

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installed neuspeed short throw shifter. installation took me about 4 hours because i didn't have the right tools ready (i thought i did when i started taking the car apart...) and i was having lots of problems getting to some of the bolts due to the previous fact. the c-clamp was very hard to get off without real circlip pliers. i got the old unit out, the new neuspeed linkage in, put it in the car, then read this article at audiworld and wanted to add the zip-tie to reduce play. so i took the unit back out, disassembled it, then spent 20 minutes looking around my house for a zip-tie. guess it would have helped to find this before taking the unit out. anyway, i put it back together without the zip-tie, then re-installed it in the car. the throw is much shorter and feels more solid. the knob sits about an inch lower as well.

installed rs4 grille ordered from awe. got a cherry blowpop.

July 2002 →

installed the oem "audi sport" license plate frame, purchased from clair parts. needed to buy 4 6mm x 12mm bolts from home depot to attach the frame.

June 2002 →

had h&r coilovers installed at motopersona. the height drop is noticeable, from both the outside and while driving. the car is much more stable at high speeds and stays level around sharp turns. also put a euro plate on the front.

installed oem 6-disc cd changer purchased from shokan. installation was very simple (car comes pre-wired for the unit) and took about a half hour to properly bolt the unit into place.

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